Selections Meeting – Where your Dream Home Begins

Selections Meeting – Where your Dream Home Begins

Let the Fun Begin!

Pretty quickly after signing a contract, you’ll be scheduled to meet for your Selections Meeting. Within weeks, you’ll be at the SAB Design Studio selecting paint colors, door styles, tile, flooring and more. Some buyers find this to be the most exciting part of building a new home, while others are terrified. Here’s what you can do to prepare.

Know your Budget

Even designers have a budget! The design center is full of reasonably priced choices and many options are considered standard. But, it’s easy to go over your budget. Prioritize what is most important to you and your family. You can splurge in some areas that are not as expensive as others. For example, a kitchen backsplash is a pretty small area to cover, yet is very visible. Perhaps this would be a good place to choose an upgraded tile. Maybe you can use a less expensive tile throughout the master shower and splurge on an accent tile. There‚Äôs lots of ways to make a big impact without breaking the bank. SAB Homes understands that most people have a budget and are happy to help with these decisions! You literally have thousands of choices when it comes to making your home just right. But, your designer will be there to help you make wise choices.

Become familiar with what is included in your floor plan

Typically, your home is built off another of the same floor plan. Make note of what is optional and what is included. Review your spec sheet provided in your contract. If you are unsure, be sure to ask. Tour available homes so you can see various options, colors and finishes. Take pictures and be sure to note the address. Some selections can be used in your home even if it’s a different floor plan; like a certain fireplace, for example. It’s best to stick with homes built by SAB, since they will most accurately convey what options are available.

What exactly will you be selecting?

Each SAB Homes floor plan is slightly different, so your home may have more or less design details than others. You will select your wood flooring, carpet, tile, countertops, paint colors, plumbing fixtures, etc. Then you will visit Wilson Lighting to select your lights and Factory Direct Appliances for appliance shopping. See an actual selection sheet here.

Make a Pinterest board, a Houzz Ideabook or just save photos

Photos are a great visual aid and will help communicate your design style when working with the designer. Spend some time exploring what photos you like and group them into categories, such as kitchen, bathroom, etc. Once you’ve gathered your photos, try to narrow down to your favorites. Having a thousand pins could prove to be more stressful than helpful when making your design decisions. Do your photos help to reflect your personal style – or do they reflect several different styles. Imagine the images all in one area – are they harmonious in style? It might be a good idea to nail down your preferences.

Remember, you will need to sign off on your selections within 30 days of your selections meeting. So, gather up all those ideas well in advance.

Make a Wish List

This really seems like a no-brainer, but it is going to help you remember all of the things you want in your dream home. You will be making a mind-blowing array of decisions, so your list will help you prioritize. This way you can be prepared to add to your list if your budget allows or delete the items that are not as important!

Consider what you can add later

You can always paint a room or change a light fixture, but many things will be more expensive to add later. If you’re considering an upgraded wood flooring, this is definitely going to be more expensive later because you’ll be paying to remove it first. If you really want a free standing tub, now would be the time to add it, as this would affect your plumbing, your flooring and your trim, so it would be difficult to add later. Maybe the outdoor kitchen or the fancy cooktop can wait.

Do some pre-shopping

You can visit Wilson Lighting or Factory Direct Appliances or shop online to get an idea of what you like. This way, you’ll have an idea how far your allowance will go and what upgrades you want.

Final Thoughts

We want the Selections Meeting to be a fun experience. We’re here to help. Some of our best homes are custom build jobs. We’re excited to build your dream home.