• Will SAB build in other subdivisions or on my own lot?
    We will certainly consider it! The location needs to be close enough to where we currently build in order to be feasible. We also need to make sure we have staff that can work in said location. Several other variables must also be considered, which may increase the cost as well as add time to the construction schedule. When building in a different subdivision, there are usually square footage requirements, building and/or design considerations to take into account. When building on acreage, utilities can be a significant cost that will affect your home plans as well as your budget.
  • How long does it take to build a new home?
    If you choose from one of our existing home plans, using standard finishes, your new home can usually be completed within an eight month time frame. Larger custom homes could exceed twelve months. Weather delays can occur in the early phases of construction, but we are able to predict the completion date within 95% accuracy.
  • Can I make changes to existing home plans?
    Yes, we allow modifications to plans. Architect’s fees will be incurred to make the modifications. Changes in plans can cause several steps to take significantly longer and will add time to the construction schedule, as well as the possibility of incurring additional expenses.
  • Do you have an interior designer to help me with selections?
    Yes. After signing a contract, you will set up an appointment to meet with our interior designers. At SAB’s office, you will select finishes such as paint, tile, wood flooring and carpet. Then you will select lighting at Wilson’s Lighting and appliances at Factory Direct in Lee’s Summit