Get Rid of Your Media Clutter

Get Rid of Your Media Clutter

3 Ways to Disguise or Hide Your Cable Box, DVR and other Electronics.

HideCableBox21. Disguise it in a box.

Place your cable box inside of a decorative box, a stack of books that have been modified to look like books, but you remove all of the pages. Cut a hole out so the “eye” can be picked up by the remote. In the photos shown, one uses a wooden “in box” typically used on a desk. Notice how just enough of the receiver is shown so the remote can pick up a signal. Be creative! Think outside the box!

2. Place your Cable Box out of Sight

With an IR Extender, you can put your cable box inside cabinets or other furniture near the TV. They sell them on Amazon and for $15.99, you can tuck away your cable box and the cords that go with it! Amazing, right! Here’s how it works. You place the small round receiver (the black dome-looking thing) somewhere discreet on the front of your TV, and that picks up the signal whenever you use your remote from the couch. Then you just plug it into your cable box (there’s a wire that snakes around back). Click here to see another blog article about this topic.

3. Put ALL of Your Equipment in the Next Room . . . or a Closet . . . Or Wherever you Want!

If you want to go all out and hide all of your components, you may want to invest in an infrared repeater system. The system allows you to put away all of your components. You could set up a hub in your home where all of your equipment is kept. The coat closet on the main floor may be a good location or in the basement.

Here’s a website with more information that also sells complete systems. Not in the mood for wiring it yourself. Contact SAB Homes’ preferred provider and ask them for more information, contact Absolute Audio, Scott Nichols 816-525-8998.